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Time for the important things in life

No one can escape the magic that fills South Africa. The primal feel of the land itself, the light permeating the landscape, and the sheer abundance of life draw everyone into their spell. Large and small visitors alike. Couples and families. Friends and, above all, you yourself. For each and every one of you, this country holds something impressive at the ready, just waiting to be discovered.

My own wedding 2011 in South Africa was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. No matter what you wish to do in South Africa, we will make your moments perfect.


Lucky In Love

Fill your heart

Do you want to get married in South Africa? Spend your honeymoon there? Or just spend time in seventh heaven? I will guide you on your way with a fine feel for details. Celebrate your love – whether young or old, say “I do” to each other, raise a toast to yourselves, savour precious time spent together.

Every moment brings you closer together, every moment becomes even more special for both of you. On your trip to South Africa, you will appreciate them more deeply. Whether it’s secluded hideaways, luxurious suites or intimate safaris, after my own wedding in Franschhoek, I know what best touches hearts. You will remember this: A special moment, with an important person by your side, feels just that much longer in South Africa.

Family Fun

Bringing you all closer together

A silver wedding, a major birthday, or simply a road trip with loved ones. Let me plan a family holiday in South Africa for you that will make great enthusiasts of grandparents and grandchildren alike. No one will want to sleep in, no one will complain about boredom, but rather everyone will laugh, marvel, and enjoy themselves like never before. I will find the perfect balance of action and recreation for both small and large explorers, and younger and older adventurers. Start your journey in the vibrant metropolis of Cape Town, discover the spellbinding variety of the multi-faceted Garden Route, and get closer to wild animals than ever before on a shared safari. Just leave your everyday life behind, grow closer together on your journey, and understand that happiness is greatest when shared with your loved ones.

Time Out

A chance to get to closer to yourself

Experience a journey of discovery alone – without being alone. You will get to know yourself and many captivating people on your tailor-made trip to South Africa. Here, you are welcome everywhere, so take the time for yourself, stop and just let go. Experience the beauty of South Africa, recharge your energy, and find peace in a hectic world. The warmth of the people, the magic of nature, and the possibility to break through your own inner boundaries combine to provide a fresh start for your life.

Team Spirit

Here’s to friendship!

To strengthen feelings of togetherness while fulfilling the wishes of the individual is the challenge of a group trip.

Are you looking for an especially distinctive incentive trip, or searching for the perfect group destination? South Africa is ideal.

Would you like to join the Cape Town Cycle Tour with your friends and colleagues? Experience paragliding together over Cape Town, or a guided tour hiking in the Drakensberg? Or a safari, discovering your connection to nature and to each other anew? Whatever your preference, I can offer an individual program to revitalize and deepen your feelings of friendship, camaraderie, and community – without individual wishes coming up short. Grow closer, sharing special moments while realizing your own dreams. Your friendship or team will become stronger, even in moments not spent together, because of the unforgettable memories made with each other.

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