Cape Town Paragliding

10th March 2015

I'd watched it so often and asked myself how it would be. As we were once again enjoying a drink on the terrace of the Winchester Mansions, watching one tandem jump arrive after another, I spontaneously ran to the field and booked a jump for the very next morning. I must confess that I was so excited the next morning that I can hardly remember the drive to Signal Hill. In contrast, the team at Signal Hill was very friendly and relaxed; the preparations were so smooth and simple that I was in my harness, ready to go, before I knew it. The start is both crazy and easy, the flight itself, and my feelings, indescribable! I can enthusiastically recommend it to anyone who has ever thought about it, or even just felt like it. To glide over Cape Town in the direction of the ocean, and to then make the landing approach from over the ocean, is simply sensational. Words can hardly describe it.

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