Your Personal South African Travel Selection
Your Personal South African Travel Selection
Your Personal South African Travel Selection
Your Personal South African Travel Selection
Your Personal South African Travel Selection
Conny Stecker

Your South Africa –

Completely Individual

Welcome to Zalected

South Africa is my passion. Let me share that passion with you. I will create, with great attention to detail, an unforgettable experience in South Africa for you.


Each trip unique, every moment everlasting

Once you have seen the light of South Africa, you will lose a piece of your heart to this country. It will take you back again and again to this magical place that touches the soul. You will always discover something new, you will always be spellbound. With Zalected, my personal travel service, I will take you to hand-picked destinations, to the most wonderful lodges, guesthouses and hotels, to the most spectacular landscapes. We will develop a bespoke journey that ideally fits your individual wishes – one you will never forget.


Is an affair of the heart

Far removed from last minute, package deals, and typical itineraries, Zalected gives you an unmatched opportunity to discover the uniqueness of South Africa. With a trip tailored to your individual needs, and the special experience of a new world that could only be the result of personal service and experience.

Zalected, that’s me: Conny Stecker. I have been traveling to South Africa for more than 15 years and I cherish it as my second home, where I always find new inspiration for body and soul. All destinations and activities on offer have been personally checked by me, and I have selected only the best for you.

My love for South Africa began during numerous photoshoots in this incredible country while working for a leading fashion company. I have explored its most beautiful corners, and discovered hidden oases, not only on many professional trips, but also on delightful private tours. I also experienced one of the most intimate and romantic moments of my life – my own wedding in Franschhoek, in 2011.

Thanks to my years of experience in South Africa, I have built up an exclusive network of local partners and agencies who I know personally, and who help me to realize your travel dreams. Together, we look forward to making your wishes come true.

Our Service

Discover possibilities anew, to treasure your time

Only someone who knows what is important to you, what you desire, what you want, can put together the trip that is ideal for you. That is why getting to know you personally is an important part of my work. Together we will develop a unique program that suits you perfectly. I take more than enough time for the consultation in order to offer you possibilities that go well beyond the ordinary. A deep understanding of what is important to you, together with my own experience and intuition, enable me to create an experience inSouth Africa that will both surprise you, and surpass your expectations.

To make your journey as pleasant and rewarding as possible, I will organize everything for you, and am available to you before, during and after your stay. Just let yourself go.

Our partners

At your own pace, but never be alone

You can rely on the best service and outstanding support in our specially selected lodges, guesthouses, and hotels. At any time during your trip, you will have access to a personal contact person on site who will provide you with prompt, reliable support. This way, you’ll always feel secure and well-cared for when setting out on new paths.